Donglin Wang 

Associate Professor

Founder and Director of Machine Intelligence Lab (MiLAB)
AI Division, School of Engineering
Westlake University

18 Shilongshan Road, Cloud Town, Xihu District
Hangzhou, P.R. China


Phone: 0571-88119583

Location: Building #2 - Room 518

Dr. Wang received the B.E. and M.S. degrees in the school of electronics and information engineering from Xi'an Jiaotong University in 2003 and 2006, respectively, and the Ph.D. degree in ECE Department from the University of Calgary, Canada, in 2010. Then, he was a postdoc research fellow in the iRadio lab, Canada, until late 2011 when he became an assistant professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at New York Institute of Technology and then promoted in 2016 to an associate professor. In 2017, he joined Westlake University as the first full-time faculty in School of Engineering, where he has been acting as the founder and director of Machine Intelligence Laboratory (MiLAB).

Research Interests

Machine Intelligence Laboratory (MiLAB) conducts the pioneering research of Robot Learning, with the mission to endow real robot with high flexibility, fast adaptation and autonomous learning by making use of machine learning algorithms. MiLAB focuses on the following specific topics:

1. Deep Reinforcement Learning Theory

2. Deep Meta-Learning Theory

3. Robot Behavior Intelligence

We investigate reinforcement learning for acquiring behavior flexibility and autonomous learning, meta learning for fast adaptation, and make intelligent decision by simultaneously combing efficient data mining and advanced navigation methods. So far, we have published more than one hundred journal and conference papers, where 40 papers were published in MiLAB (after 2017.9).


link Deep Reinforcement Learning
32 class hours
2021 Fall
link Machine Learning
12 class hours (PS: 48 shared by 4 instructors)
2020 Fall
link Machine Learning
12 class hours (PS: 48 shared by 4 instructors)
2020 Spring
Data Analysis And Algorithm Design
16 class hours (PS: 48 shared by 3 instructors)
2019 Fall

News (Since 2021)

2021.08.18 《强化学习在四足机器人行为智能上的关键技术理论及应用》获国家自然科学基金面上项目资助。
2021.08.10 PhD student Feng Zhao's paper was accepted by ACM CIKM 2021. Congrats!
2021.07.01 Two papers were accepted by IROS 2021. Congrats to all co-authors Hongyin Zhang, Qingfeng Yao, Jilong Wang, etc.!
2021.05.16 Our paper (Learn to propagate in GNN) was accepted by KDD 2021. Congrats to all co-authors Teng Xiao, Zhengyu Chen, etc.!
2021.04.21 Two papers were accepted by ACM ICMR 2021. Congrats to all co-authors Feng Zhao, Zifeng Zhuang, Xintao Xiang and Siteng Huang!
2021.04.10 Six papers were accepted by IJCNN 2021. Congrats to all co-authors!
2021.03.01 Few-shot learning paper was accepted by CVPR 2021. Congrats to all co-authors Zhengyu Chen, Jixie Ge, Heshen Zhan and Siteng Huang!
2021.02.05 Dr. Zongkai Wu's paper was accepted by IEEE MultiMedia Journal as a regular paper. Congrats!
2021.01.30 PhD student Zhengyu Chen's paper was accepted by IEEE ICASSP 2021. Congrats!